IRHA is a division of International Hospitality Awards, Inc.

A group of Los Angeles travel and dining enthusiasts working in the arts, events & entertainment industries recognized the need for an awards show to celebrate the art of traveling. The driving force behind the concept of the International Restaurant & Hotel Awards was to unite the largest industry in the world to honor recognizable legends, spotlight new household names and showcase top travel and dining establishments. The true spirit of the awards is to bring together international media outlets, industry organizations, leaders and stars using the IRHA platform to showcase the best of the Industry.

All participating establishments are considered for citywide, countrywide and worldwide recognition.

To celebrate the world's finest value, moderate and luxury hotels and restaurants committed to the highest standards of quality service and to promote the global appreciation of travel, dining and cultural exploration. The IRHAS celebrates legends of the travel and dining industry and those in the creative community that assist traveler's and foodies in planning unforgettable experiences.


The International Restaurant & Hotel Awards is a division of International Hospitality Awards, Inc.


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