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Hendrik teNeues is Publisher and Managing Director of teNeues Publishing Group. In 2006 he joined the Board of Europes 500. Born and raised in Germany, he studied Business Administration in Cologne and Munich, where he graduated in 1978.  In 1978 he moved to New York and started to work in banking at Schroders until 1981. In 1982 he founded teNeues Publishing Company in NewYork where he lived and worked until 1992.

In 1993 he moved back to Germany to join the parent company teNeues Verlag, a 50 year old publisher of books, calendars, and stationery products. teNeues is among the leading international publishers of such products with offices in Kempen (headquarters),  Dusseldorf, London, Milan, Madrid, Paris, New York, and distribution in over 70 countries. teNeues Publishing Group employs 160 and is owned by Hendrik teNeues and his brother Sebastian,  37.

teNeues Publishing Company, New York

In 1982, Manfred’s teNeues eldest son, Hendrik teNeues, established teNeues Publishing Company in New York as the first foreign subsidiary. A calendar programme was developed in cooperation with leading American museums, such as The Museum of Modern Art, New York; The National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.; and The Art Institute of Chicago. At the same time, the product base was expanded by adding calendars into the general American
retail market. After a short time, the entire teNeues Publishing Group adopted this range of calendars inter-nationally. This was an important milestone for the international representation of teNeues. In 1985 teNeues Publishing entered the book business by distributing the publications of a well-known German art book publisher. Hendrik teNeues succeeded in winning numerous artists and secured worldwide and exclusive licenses from the foundations of Andy Warhol, Robert Mapplethorpe and Keith Haring. In addition to calendars, a series of other art products were also developed, such as cards, posters, and address books,
which are successfully sold worldwide in museum shops and during exhibitions.

For decades, markets in Europe and overseas have become increasingly integrated. The success of electronic media has enhanced the reciprocal influence of different cultures. In 1995, the first teNeues book title appeared in New York with the emphasis on photography. In the same year, then 26-year-old Sebastian teNeues,
Manfred teNeues’ youngest son, joined teNeues Verlag at the German headquarters. Today, both Hendrik teNeues and Sebastian teNeues are the publishers and shareholders of the publishing group.

Intuition and Coverage

teNeues’ books about design, lifestyle and photography show a wide variety of diverse aspects of modern living. The range of subjects in new design trends in the hotel and restaurant scenes, modern travel guides, books about cities and landscapes continue to expand the book programme. With an established network of authors, photographers and licensing agents, teNeues is continually developing new ideas and projects. teNeues has more than 200 licensing partners as well as numerous contracts with
picture and copyright agencies.

Diversified Distribution Network

Aspecial feature of teNeues Publishing Group is its strong sales network. The international sales representation makes it possible not only to distribute the range of calendars and books, but also stationery products which teNeues has developed together with key art licenses and with major museums. Among these museums are the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the National Portrait Gallery and Tate Modern in London, the Fundació Miró, Barcelona, The National Gallery of Art, Washington, and the New National Gallery in Berlin. These museums are supplied with calendars, books, and stationery products such as posters, postcards and note- books.