Rosemary Barron

International Association of Culinary Professionals

Rosemary Barron first joined the IACP in 1979 as one of its very few non-U.S. members. Born and educated in London, where her working life began as a high-school teacher, Rosemary lived in San Francisco for 13 years, and now lives in Somerset, England. She is author of three books on Greek food and food culture, and frequently contributes to magazines and educational projects on Greek food history and its impact on our own “food lives.” Before being elected to serve on the Board, Rosemary organised two Writers’ Section forums in London and, with Lydia Kitrilakis, the IACP Culinary Experience in Greece. Elected to the Board in 2001, these experiences were the foundation for her determination to help build the organisation into an international forum for the sharing and exchange of food skills and knowledge.

In 1980, Rosemary set up Kandra Kitchen on Crete & Santorini, a cooking school dedicated to the tradition of 4,000 years of food culture in the eastern Mediterranean. Since 1977, she has worked as a culinary educator, teaching in cooking schools and academic institutions in the United States, Canada, and elsewhere. A frequent presenter herself at conferences worldwide, she also has extensive experience in event management and programme organisation. Rosemary is a director of Oxford Gastronomica: The Centre for Food, Drink and Culture, based at Oxford Brookes University, in Oxford, England, and much of her recent work has centred on creating and developing programmes that will enable local people to set up sustainable food tourism in Romania and other “new” European countries.

Rosemary believes that the IACP is well-placed to develop further as a visible and dynamic forum for discussion and debate on important topics – food quality; food education; its history and enjoyment; ethical business practices; fair food distribution for all – and can play a valuable role in our search for sustainable solutions to these and other professional matters that concern us. For her, the experience of serving on the board has been an encouraging and enlightening one. She will continue to work hard to:

Develop the means to ensure we plan for a financially healthy future
Build forums for a true and meaningful exchange of information and opinion among members and experts in the international arena
Improve the educational and networking opportunities for our members
Harness the expertise of our membership, to both benefit members and to increase our standing in, and understanding of, the global food community.
Board liaison for:

Cooking Schools & Teachers Section
Kids in the Kitchen Committee